01|29|08   Help build a winter dome around Chicago

First we had the space race with Moscow, now we have a race for the first domed city. Who said the cold war was over?

The fight’s on, baby!

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01|19|08   More on Scattering the Sun Like Gunshot

A photo of the setting sun refracting through the braches of a tree. The ground is covered by snow. The scene is serene.

Ok, I admit it: I have google alerts out on everything under the sun relating to the enright house. So, for better or for worse, that means I catch a reasonable percentage of online mentions – in this case of our video.

Since releasing the video to Scattering the Sun a few days ago, one thing has definately suprised me: a fair bit of the coverage (which, thus far, has been slow, but positive) has been coming not from New Zealand, not from the US, but instead from Germany.

Take for example this lovely write-up, translated from the German blog The Last Pop Song:

That New Zealand is a very beautiful country, is something we have known, at the very latest, since Lord of the Rings. That New Zealand has one of the highest youth suicide rates, too, is known. Therefore, it’s quite likely that New Zealand ought to be harboring a lot of melancholy young people, as well. And that magnitude and eminence frequently stimulates musical sensitivity and the form of expression, is also a well-known fact since Sigur Ros, at the very latest. Ergo, it is not far fetched to assume that there must also exist some magnificent, melancholic music in New Zealand. (Man, are we logical today). And here it is: The Enright House play a wonderfully ethereal, elegiacal and electrifying Postrock that captured our romantic indie-heart in a storm. (…) The videos on the band’s website are of equal aesthetic magnitude. Absolutely recommended!

Most excitingly, a lot of this small wave of German blog coverage [i.e. Coast is Clear and Soundmag.de] was either directly brought on by the recommendation of one single person who liked our music enough to tell his friends, or by the simple snowball effect that his initial recommendations had.

See, for someone like myself, who has to do virtually everything by myself (writing music, recording, manufacture, design, website, social networking, internet promotion, organizing gigs, correspondance, finding musicians to help bring this music to life, and so on), the simplest help, the simplest gesture of support, can make my life as a musician so much more worthwhile.

It’s hard to explain, but when other human beings support something you have created, something you have invested your life in, it changes you. It makes me more humble, more joyous, and more motivated.

So, to everyone who has ever helped me and the band out: thank you. Your generous help is, and always be, humbly received and appreciated.

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01|14|08   New video: Scattering the sun like gunshot

Still image from the video to Scattering the Sun Like Gunshot

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01|03|08   2007 in review: some of my favorite moments

10 Quietly rehearsing Darkwave to the rumbling of a train

I loved rehearsing this year. When we started out we rehearsed as a three piece in a gigantic school hall. Hardwood floors and high ceilings made for wonderful acoustics. However, after Thomas joined us, we decided we should move to a proper rehearsal space that we had unfettered access to. The newly found rehearsal space was a little garage right by train tracks. During one of many bitterly-cold winter evenings, we rehearsed the slow version of Darkwave, and just as we we began the calmly bowed outro, the whole rehearsal space began slowly to vibrate in a deep, continuous and resonant rumble. It was a perfect musical moment, brought on by a train slowly leaving the station.

09 Talking to Kirsten Johnstone about our album on National Radio

I don’t know why I enjoyed this day so much, but I had just gotten my new car and must have felt a light breeze of adulthood blow in and out of my rolled-down windows. I walked in to the Christchurch studios and felt very grateful to be able to talk about the new album on National Radio. Kirsten was awesome and the interview was just plain old fun.

08 Playing at Southern Amp

What I really liked about this show is that it was a great example of having had high expectations for our performance and them being met. It having been the last show of the year for us, we were all hoping that twelve months of hard work were going to culminate in a live show that proved to ourselves just how far we had come as a band in just a little over a year. I think all four of us felt deeply satisfied with what we had accomplished on stage, and the boys seemed to feel much relieved at the prospect of taking some time off until early next year.

07 Watching the final cut of our soon-to-be-released video for “Scattering the Sun Like Gunshot”

A still shot from our video to Scattering The Sun Like Gunshot

Without diminishing in any way whatsoever the wonderful videos to Solitaire and Darkwave, I have to admit that when I saw the footage that Dan was working on for Scattering, I could hardly contain my relief and excitement. I mean the video just blew me away (it still does!), and I am just so unbelievably grateful to Dan for honoring my music with his gorgeous video. Check out some of the still shots of the video.

06 Receiving a txt that Darkwave was #1 on Kiwi FM radio

I can’t remember who sent me the txt, but vividly I remember sitting at a cafe, hunched over a newspaper and reading a txt message on my phone telling me we were number 1 on kiwi. I would be lying if I told you I wasn’t glowing with pride and gratitude.

05 Watching our video to Darkwave play on TV

A photo of my TV whilst Darkwave is playing on C4tv

This was nothing short of a surreal moment. Darkwave played right after Battle’s “Tonto” video on C4.

04 Playing at Al’s Bar with Mary in August

This was a very special concert for me personally, because Mary was there with me. Mary, incidentally, in case I forgot to clarify this, writes and recites all the amazing poetry on “Solitaire”, “Remember The Stillness” and “One of Many Dinner Conversations“. Not only was I able to perform for my very best friend, but Mary even read a poem during one of our songs.

03 Touring in September and playing a secret show at The Stomach

A small and intimate show at the stomach

By world standards a tiny tour, no doubt, but never-the-less a tour it was, and our first one at that. We played some random gigs crossing islands on the ferry and played proper album release shows in Auckland, Hamilton, Wellington, Dunedin, and Christchurch. On our first day, during our trip up to the north island, we realized that we actually weren’t scheduled to play a gig until the next day. Thomas called a few of his best friends who still lived in Palmerston North (where we stayed the night), and so we ended up playing an intimate show with ourselves and Thomas’s friends set up in a small circle of gear and couches.

02 Playing the indoor stage at Camp A Low Hum

Playing camp a low hum was awesome. We had only played one or two shows prior to playing camp, and so we were just insanely excited to be part of it all. Not only did we have a great time, but it was also a fantastic bonding experience for the then-three of us.

01 Coming home to five boxes filled with beautiful “A Maze and Amazement” CDs

Mary and I scrambled for days to finish the artwork in time to get it off to our distributer and the press in time for an October release. We finished the artwork, made proofs and sent it all to the manufacturers. However, until I opened those boxes I didn’t really know if it would work. How would the UV Varnish look? How would the colors turn out? Did I set the bleed margins on the CD and packaging correctly? Would anything at all be wrong and drive me insane for years on end? No! I opened the boxes and my babies were beautiful and perfect!

00 Thinking about the future

Always my favorite past-time. I am a serial idealist, and nothing gives me more joy, happiness and ambition than imagining and planning all the things I want to accomplish with my music over the next years. Fingers crossed that things work out!

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