03|26|08   Friday 28th: Gig with So So Modern and O’Lovelys

Friday night at Christchurch’s the Jetset. We go on 10.30 sharp. We’re playing one 20 minute song that you will never have heard before and will, most likely, never hear us perform again. Instrumental rock meets overly self-indulgent reality TV. Don’t be late.

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03|18|08   Camp A Low Hum “Solitaire” live video

Here’s a clip of us playing “Solitaire” acoustically at Camp A Low Hum 2008 last month. Thank you, Dan, for capturing it!

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03|07|08   About a photograph of my mother

my mom when she sang Elektra at the Chicago Lyric Opera

A rather rambling post about happiness and achievement in response to this photograph of my mother when she was singing Elektra at the Chicago Lyric Opera.

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