09|05|08   New Zealand Skier Documentary uses Scattering the Sun!

Scattering the Sun used for NZ Skier documentary! from Mark Roberts on YouTube.

I am so stoked about this! I got back from the tour all exhausted, but one of the nice things I did the morning after my first sleep was to open up a package Bucket Productions sent me, which included a free mag of New Zealand Skier and a bloody awesome NZ Ski DVD, which I had offered my music to for free.

The resulting documentary is totally radical, with guys and girls essentially jumping of terrifyingly dangerous-looking mountain cliffs and twisting their bodies, like nothing could ever be more natural and simple.

Anyhow, they used the entirety of Scattering The Sun Like Gunshot for the opening intro chapter (like 7 minutes + long!!), which had me grinning so wide I had to massage my face after watching the DVD for fear of cramping up.

Without anyone’s permission (please no lawsuits ya’ll!), I threw up a short clip of the opening sequence just to give all of you a feel for how well the track works with the slow-mo skiing footage. Check out the video, and if you’re into that sort of stuff, definitely grab a copy of the mag and video (New Zealand Skier and Basket Productions).

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09|05|08   The perils of not being in control of everything yourself

Re.: a national radio session I did whilst on tour. on their online version they accidentally left out the guitars and had the wrong track titles listed. nothing serious… i love my national radio, after all! :) … but I thought the following chat with my buddy, Dan, was kind of funny :).

Daniel Batkin-Smith: dude, got the link to the NatRad thing?
The Enright House: Erm. Sorry, what are you talking about, again? :)
Daniel Batkin-Smith: your status message
Daniel Batkin-Smith: about missing guitars
The Enright House: oh
The Enright House: ha
Daniel Batkin-Smith: I wanna hear
The Enright House: no fuck you
The Enright House: ha
The Enright House: i’m sure it will be fixed in a few days
Daniel Batkin-Smith: ah come on
Daniel Batkin-Smith: sook
The Enright House: why do you want to hear a 13 minute guitar song that has no guitar in the mix?
The Enright House: explain that, and MAYBE, I will oblige your ludicrous request
The Enright House: that is, if you haven’t already found it yourself with your mad internet powers :P
Daniel Batkin-Smith: I want to hear what it sounds like WITHOUT guitars, out of interest
Daniel Batkin-Smith: fuck you i’ll find it myself!
The Enright House: ha
The Enright House: darnit!!!
The Enright House: FINE
Daniel Batkin-Smith: hahahahahaha
The Enright House: here
Daniel Batkin-Smith: thanks buddy
Daniel Batkin-Smith: good trip back?
The Enright House: ha yeah man
The Enright House: despite a delayed ferry it wasn’t too bad at all
Daniel Batkin-Smith: good one
Daniel Batkin-Smith: so have you mailed Kirsten about it?
The Enright House: ha of course. and texted
The Enright House: it’ll no doubt be fixed
The Enright House: or taken down
The Enright House: depending on what happened
Daniel Batkin-Smith: dude… you broadcast that field recording on National Radio!
The Enright House: haha
Daniel Batkin-Smith: talk about not being audience friendly
Daniel Batkin-Smith: you run the risk of alienating a good majority of a possible audience
The Enright House: it’s so friendly it’s smiling like godzilla on its wedding day
The Enright House: what am I? robbie williams?
Daniel Batkin-Smith: you could be, I guess
The Enright House: what do i care about alienating people?
Daniel Batkin-Smith: if you really want
The Enright House: that’s right, i could entertain you. and you. and you. and you, too.
Daniel Batkin-Smith: if only we let you
Daniel Batkin-Smith: (ooh that’s a good one)
The Enright House: ( ,,|,, )

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09|05|08   The futility of flogging music

Ha. Oh my gosh. This article on Music Think Tank is so spot on it makes me want to cry, laugh hysterically, and jump out the window face first.

This part, especially, evoked nothing but sighs and nods from me:

People can download virtually any music for free these days, arguing that it’s OK, bands can make money by touring, instead. Which is like casually suggesting to the owner of an off license, after he’s spotted you nicking a bottle of wine, that he can sell a few crisps to make up for it. And anyway, The Rolling Stones might well gross millions on a world tour, but nearly all bands lose money hand over fist while on the road.

(I just lost well over 600 NZD touring the North Island!)

People might come out with stats about live music revenues being on a gradual incline, but believe me – having been in bands known and unknown, and done tour budgets for countless others – touring represents a black hole of disappearing cash for musicians. Sound engineers might get paid, promoters ensure that they get their cut, but precious little filters down to the musicians, unless they’re lucky enough to get tour support from the record company. Which is actually an advance. Which means that, er, it’s their money in the first place.

Read the full article here.

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09|01|08   Interview with Stephanie Cairns for Salient Magazine

Stephanie, a writer for Salient, made it out to our Brown Note show in Wellington last week, and interviewed Thomas (i.ryoko) and myself about our music and our solo electronic tour of the north island:

Salient: What are your top local bands/artists? Is there anyone out there who isn’t getting the attention they deserve?

Me: Anyone who puts their heart and soul into their music and has the courage to release and perform it is, in my opinion, deserving of a certain amount of respect. As far as who’s getting attention and who isn’t, what does any of it matter in the long run? Those who are serious and passionate about their art will continue unabated on their journey, be it with or without the support of the masses, industries, or specific scenes. If you have heart, conviction, and never give up pursuing what you love, then, I believe, you have a chance at building a life worth living. Of what value is attention then, when compared to the love of existence?

Read the entire interview and live review on Salient’s site.

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