01|31|09   Recording the new album

Horn and trombone arrangement for a new song, called Night Sky TexturesHorn and trombone arrangement for a new song, called “Night Sky Textures”. Download the high-res PDF score.

All apologies for having neglected my blogging duties over the last month or two. I only have ten days left in New Zealand before I head over to the States. The US tour is shaping up nicely – though, admittedly, I have been a bit slow to book in the final 5-6 dates (I’m aiming for a total of roughly 20 shows). My main focus, aside from some wonderful developments in my personal life, has been to finish the recording of the new album.

Although I won’t get it all done in time, I’m still incredibly pleased with the progress we’ve made over the last two months. Pretty much all of the instrumental parts to the twelve songs are now tracked, and what is left to do now is record vocals, mix the album, and get it mastered in the States. Even lyric writing, which traditionally takes me the longest, has been going far better than I had anticipated, with the majority of lyrics being near completion.

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01|23|09   Strange New NZ Copyright Law

I’m subscribed to Mark and Johanna’s Little Pictures blog and received the following post in my email this morning. It’s so close to my heart that I will just re-post the majority of what Mark wrote on his blog:

NZ has just passed a strange new copyright law. I know that sounds boring, but it’s really extreme. It means that if you are suspected of downloading something illegal (i.e. anything form a music blog, unlicensed youtube video etc) then you can have your net disconnected. No trial, no need of proof, just suspicion.

You can report someone to their internet service provider, and the ISP is required under law to disconnect that person’s net. On the spot.


Please spread the word about this strange, over the top new law.

Read the entirety of Mark’s post here.

If you wish to help fight this law, you can sign this petition:

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