11|27|09   Happy thanksgiving! Name your own price for A Maze and Amazement

Happy thanksgiving everyone. Just wanted to let all of you know that from today through to Monday morning, you can get yourself a copy of A Maze and Amazement for whatever you like. No minimum. Get it for free, or choose to pay something for it. Zero pressure. But do hurry up, this deal is only good for the weekend!

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11|17|09   I’m making a new record and this inspired me today


I was reading a recently published interview with Steve Albini this morning before work. Steve’s pretty much a legend in the indie community. He’s recorded over 2000 records, including albums by Nirvana and the Pixies, and has been running his own studio, Electrical Audio, in Chicago, for ages now. A good friend of mine and former bandmate, Andrew, actually interned for him for years during college, and so I briefly met Steve a few times when Andrew and I would go into Electrical to record stuff when the studio stood empty.

Anyhow, this excerpt just made me feel an epic sensation of joy:

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