03|20|09   SXSW Showcase at the Soho Lounge

So yesterday was our SXSW showcase at the soho lounge. I think, all in all, it went rather well, but it was a really, really tough show to play! Here’s why:

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03|18|09   driving to sxsw (morning in mt. ida)

Evan and I spent the night at a cheap and rather derelict (yet charming) motel in Mt. Ida, AR.

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03|17|09   Driving to SXSW (Indiana to Arkansas)

One of many littered fields next to truck stops
Lat. 38.308235 / Lon. -88.950211, somewhere in Missouri

Evan and I began our trip to SXSW in Austin, Texas today. We started our trip from Lowell, IN and drove a little over 14 hours to Mount Ida in Arkansas. Check out the massive route on Mapquest!

We are taking a bit of a detour so we can drive the 55 miles Talimena Scenic Drive from Arkansas to Oklahoma, which I read was quite beautiful. Fingers crossed it was worth it! :)

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03|09|09   Want to do something nice for me? :)

You, perhaps? :)

I’ve come knocking to ask you a personal favor…

I’m in the process of collecting short and personal fan testimonials about my music (could be about my music in general, an album, a favorite song, or about your experience seeing us play live).

The reason I’m collecting these is so I can include them with press kits, booking inquiries, and for use with a new feature on the www.theenrighthouse.com that displays a random testimonial on every refresh of the page, including a prominent link back to your own website or online profile (Facebook or MySpace, for example).

Anyhow, I wonder if I could trouble you to write a short, one or two sentence testimonial about The Enright House that I could include, and have you to email it to me at mark[at]theenrighthouse.com. If you could also provide me with the URL that you would like your credit to link back to, I’d really appreciate it.


Oh… and did I mention? In addition to getting a link back, I will pick one winner at random from those who sent me a testimonial by April 1st, who will receive a free copy (my treat; to anywhere in the world) of the upcoming Enright House / Pushmi-Pullyu split EP, that is due to be released in the States this April!

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03|06|09   Scattering The Sun Like Gunshot in HD

Dan just sent me an email letting me know that his video to Scattering The Sun Like Gunshot is now available in HD on YouTube.

Check out more of Dan’s gorgeous work at www.eep.co.nz.

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03|02|09   The impetus to begin a journey

Approaching Chicago from the south-east

“If I am fortunate enough to enjoy a death that is not instantaneous, but rather, a death that is a process during which I have sufficient time to reflect upon the life I have lead, then I want to feel like I have given it my all, and that I was not a coward for seeking out security over idealism and adventure.”

So, most of you know by now that The Enright House is about to embark on an epic tour of the US, and, thus, delve into the magical and often-chaotic world of the “roadtrip”. I am, safe to say, very excited to get on the road, meet new people, and, hopefully, in the process of it all, win over new fans.

Encouragingly, the most common reaction I get from friends and family, whenever I tell them about it is, “Wow… that is so exciting!” After which, however, almost always, I am asked some form of the following question:

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02|20|09   NZ to US

Well, today is my birthday. An even thirty. And I’m glad I get to spend it with my Mom, back home, in America. It’s nice to be home, but unlike past holidays here, this… well… it isn’t really a holiday. So instead of relaxing and going clothes shopping, I’ve been trying to rally more gigs for the tour, find fuses and proper US power supplies (harder than you might think!), buy a new car, have said car repaired, register the thing (a white 1994 Ford Explorer XLT with leather seats… muahahaha!).

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01|31|09   Recording the new album

Horn and trombone arrangement for a new song, called Night Sky TexturesHorn and trombone arrangement for a new song, called “Night Sky Textures”. Download the high-res PDF score.

All apologies for having neglected my blogging duties over the last month or two. I only have ten days left in New Zealand before I head over to the States. The US tour is shaping up nicely – though, admittedly, I have been a bit slow to book in the final 5-6 dates (I’m aiming for a total of roughly 20 shows). My main focus, aside from some wonderful developments in my personal life, has been to finish the recording of the new album.

Although I won’t get it all done in time, I’m still incredibly pleased with the progress we’ve made over the last two months. Pretty much all of the instrumental parts to the twelve songs are now tracked, and what is left to do now is record vocals, mix the album, and get it mastered in the States. Even lyric writing, which traditionally takes me the longest, has been going far better than I had anticipated, with the majority of lyrics being near completion.

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01|23|09   Strange New NZ Copyright Law

I’m subscribed to Mark and Johanna’s Little Pictures blog and received the following post in my email this morning. It’s so close to my heart that I will just re-post the majority of what Mark wrote on his blog:

NZ has just passed a strange new copyright law. I know that sounds boring, but it’s really extreme. It means that if you are suspected of downloading something illegal (i.e. anything form a music blog, unlicensed youtube video etc) then you can have your net disconnected. No trial, no need of proof, just suspicion.

You can report someone to their internet service provider, and the ISP is required under law to disconnect that person’s net. On the spot.


Please spread the word about this strange, over the top new law.

Read the entirety of Mark’s post here.

If you wish to help fight this law, you can sign this petition:

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