11|05|10   Guest Post on “Curated by Interesting People”

A few months ago Andrew Dubber asked me to curate a post for his blog “Curated by Interesting People”. Aside from being flattered, I just really, really enjoyed putting together this post. Check out the project here.

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10|29|10   Misfit Mod Cover of Darkwave Equals MC Squared

From ages ago, but still soooo sweet:

mc 2 (enright house cover) by sarahann

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09|20|10   Solitaire Video in HD

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09|11|10   New Mix of Distance called Distance in Simplicity

So, last year Richard Allen, a reviewer for The Silent Ballet, basically ripped me a new one for “marring” an otherwise potentially blissful song called “Distance” with relentless chatter, writing this:

“As my secretary told me, ‘the music’s nice – very relaxing.’ But the people just won’t shut up. (…) nine minutes of stumbling, echoed conversation between a man and a woman who whine, accuse and try to come to some understanding about their relationship. And in this piece, the music doesn’t even start for two minutes!”

Ha. Well. So yeah. I always thought Richard was a tad harsh, but – in all fairness – I took his point. There’s artistic, and then there’s pretentious, and I might have straddled that line a bit too much :).

Here it is then… a brand new mix of “Distance” without all the conversation (or vocoder). Trimmed, edited, re-mixed, and re-mastered. Simplified.

Really hope you enjoy it (and end up sharing it!).

Download it for free here: www.tweetforatrack.com/theenrighthouse

If you want to get your hands on the original version, you can download the whole Split EP called “Together” (featuring The Enright House and Pushmi-Pullyu) for free here.

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07|01|10   Video – We Might As Well Have Stayed Young in HD

Now in HD and with higher-quality audio:

Check out more of Ryan Alexander Lloyd’s work here.

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06|29|10   Capsul remixes Darkwave Equals MC Squared

A few weeks ago I got an email from a guy called James, who wrote to tell me about a remix of Darkwave he had created. His email came totally out of the blue, as it has been ages since I posted the Darkwave remix pack (which is still up, btw). I was pretty excited honestly. Kind of like finding a $20 dollar bill in some old pair of jeans that I’ve completely forgotten about.

Anyhow, not only was I stoked that someone had remixed Darkwave, but the remix itself is super creative and very beautiful. James rearranged the song, added vocals of his own, wrote a few new lines of lyrics (I love that he did this!!!), and more. He really made it his own, so I asked James to tell me a bit more about his remix:

“I used to listen to the song a lot, and got the remix pack when it came out, but never got around to do doing anything with it. Recently I’ve become obsessed with the idea of remixes, and making music production less uni-directional. I associate Darkwave with a particular time in my life which I havent really made peace with yet, and reworking this song in my own voice seemed to be a way of achieving some closure.”

James plans to put out a release with more covers and remixes this year, so if enjoy this one, make sure you check out more of his music, as well as his label/blog Papaiti Records.

Download the remix right here, and feel free to share this remix in any way you want.

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04|10|10   Album Progress Chart

I thought I would show you a screen shot of my Excel chart that I use to track the progress on the new album. Each row is actually preceded by working titles of songs, but I cropped them out in this image, as it’s all still a bit hush, hush :).

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03|31|10   Why good is no longer good enough

A few months ago I read an interview between Derek Sivers and Seth Godin and couldn’t stop re-reading this particular paragraph:

“Sure, some music that’s great is great for the ages and it’s okay that’s it’s not being heard, but so much of what people call great isn’t actually great, it’s merely “very good.” Very good music goes unheard every day, because very good music is not in short supply. There’s a huge surplus of it.”

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03|24|10   Mint Chicks Remix tops RDU charts

I scared the living daylights out of my partner, Mary, the other day. Two weeks ago I noticed that my remix was #9 on the RDU charts, and thought I would check to see how it was doing this week.

Hand to the heart, I was certain it would be out of the charts. You know… a dip in / dip out kind of situation.

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03|15|10   Taking a weekend trip out to Fire Island, NY

Two weeks ago I took a trip out to Fire Island with my partner Mary. That, incidentally, was also the weekend where the winners of the remix competition were announced. Thanks to your support The Enright House managed to take the popular vote! Unfortunately, that didn’t quite decide the overall winner. Out of the three highest ranked remixes The Mint Chicks would eventually pick the winner, and well…

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02|14|10   Enright House remixes The Mint Chicks. Crazy? Yup.

<a href="http://theenrighthouse.bandcamp.com/album/enright-house-remixes-the-mint-chicks">Crazy? Yes! Dumb? No! (Enright House Remix) by The Enright House</a>

So yeah, musichype.com posted this remix competition for The Mint Chicks, who are a totally choice New Zealand band.

“Crazy? Yes! Dumb? No!”, in particular, is a really great song, so I was quite excited to have an opportunity to remix it.

Does it sound like an Enright House remix, though? Well… It’s a rad, trancy throwback to early 90’s euro-rave, mediated by piles of exuberance, some beautiful chord progressions, and a smitten of Enright House aesthetics.

Download your remix here: Crazy? Yes! Dumb? No! (Enright House Remix)

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02|10|10   Darkwave Live In Auckland now on Mine, All Mine! Records

<a href="http://theenrighthouse.bandcamp.com/album/darkwave-live-single">Darkwave by The Enright House</a>

So, something really sweet just happened. My friend John, who runs a boutique DIY label called Mine, All Mine! Records just offered to add my latest live recording of Darkwave to his label’s catalog.

(Read more, and download Darkwave for free…)

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