09|20|10   Solitaire Video in HD

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09|11|10   New Mix of Distance called Distance in Simplicity

So, last year Richard Allen, a reviewer for The Silent Ballet, basically ripped me a new one for “marring” an otherwise potentially blissful song called “Distance” with relentless chatter, writing this:

“As my secretary told me, ‘the music’s nice – very relaxing.’ But the people just won’t shut up. (…) nine minutes of stumbling, echoed conversation between a man and a woman who whine, accuse and try to come to some understanding about their relationship. And in this piece, the music doesn’t even start for two minutes!”

Ha. Well. So yeah. I always thought Richard was a tad harsh, but – in all fairness – I took his point. There’s artistic, and then there’s pretentious, and I might have straddled that line a bit too much :).

Here it is then… a brand new mix of “Distance” without all the conversation (or vocoder). Trimmed, edited, re-mixed, and re-mastered. Simplified.

Really hope you enjoy it (and end up sharing it!).

Download it for free here: www.tweetforatrack.com/theenrighthouse

If you want to get your hands on the original version, you can download the whole Split EP called “Together” (featuring The Enright House and Pushmi-Pullyu) for free here.

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