02|10|10   Free download: Darkwave in Slow Motion (Live in Auckland)

<a href="http://theenrighthouse.bandcamp.com/album/darkwave-live-single">Darkwave by The Enright House</a>

This version of Darkwave was recorded live at the Wine Cellar in Auckland, New Zealand on September 11, 2008, as part of my Solo Electronic Tour.

Thanks to John picking up this release on Mine, All Mine! Records.

Download “Darkwave (Live In Auckland)” from any of these places:

As usual, any way you can help spread the word, be it a retweet or facebook message, would be genuinely appreciated.

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01|05|10   New album in the works


For two years, now, I have been working on a new album. It will be called ‘In Perfect Blooms Of Color’ and I will release it sometime during the second half of 2010.

(Read more about In Perfect Blooms of Color…)

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