02|24|09   A Maze and Amazement / Cheese On Toast album review

click to purchase album via CD BabyThe Enright House – A Maze And Amazement (A Low Hum)

The other day, just as we were about to close up the shop, in walks this mysterious man carrying a package, neatly wrapped in waxy brown paper. “What’s in the package?” I ask. “Why, it’s some of the most innovative and beautiful music to emerge from these dark lands in many moons,” replied the stranger. “You surely must be referring to the Enright House’s new album, for I have just listened to that, and I must tell you I was taken aback by the melding of live and electronic instruments, morosely whispered vocals and all round eerie beauty of it all. Like Amusement Parks on Fire meets a gothic Mogwai, with a hint of glitchy click stuff. Oh yes, an impressive release indeed…” The man turned out to be a werewolf. The end.

Orginally published at cheeseontoast.co.nz on September the 25th, 2007.