02|24|09   A Maze and Amazement / (Con)temporary blog write-up

click to purchase album via CD BabyThe Enright House – A Maze And Amazement (A Low Hum)

Lawson Fletcher writes:

“I think much of post-rock nowadays has shed the initial ambition and weight of the world of the earlier stuff, like it had to tear everything apart and rise only from a broken rubble, and has concentrated on using the same musical elements to make just shamelessly emotive and pretty music. (…) It’s like post-rock that has shed its ambition to thunderously document the apocalypse and turn inward once again, to explore emotional soundscapes. Still uses textured guitar, beaten, stalling drum-work, stretched out compositions, soft-textural vocals, spectral guitar timbres, etc. but it is to what these stylistic features are put in service of that is distinct, here.”

“Along these lines, A Maze and Amazement takes the atmospheric lessons learned and reverses the equation – the long tails and heady elements no longer thunderous signals of the social crumbling, but crimson internalizations of the personal, of thought and heart.”

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