02|24|09   A Maze and Amazement / Dominian Post album review

click to purchase album via CD BabyThe Enright House – A Maze And Amazement (A Low Hum)

Christchurch band The Enright House have managed seamlessly to merge the rising tension of bands like Jakob, Mogwai and Expolsions In The Sky with industrial and electro experimental moments to create on of the years best low-fi hidden secrets – an early success for the fledging Low Hum label. The brainchild of Mark Roberts – who has now expanded the band to a four-piece – manages to layer gentle guitar noodling on top of fierce post-rock rhythms to create these moody undulating soundscapes over which his vocals ride. The end resulkt is hypnotic and strangely melodic in a late-night album way, like on the synthesizer drone of Up where apathy gets the better of the protagonist. There’s some lovely use of sustained notes throughout, especially on Solitaire where Roberts’ murmured vocal is contrasted with the breathy Mary Jones. Pick of the album is the soaring beauty of Darkwave Equals MC Squared where an electro-clash opening gives way to a sunny guitar refrain and a gentle lyric pleading for a lover to return. Definately one to watch.

Reviewed by Lindsay Davis. Originally published in the Dominian Post.