02|24|09   A Maze and Amazement / The Press album review

click to purchase album via CD BabyThe Enright House – A Maze And Amazement (A Low Hum)

Welcome to Canterbury, home of the Enright House – the one that guitarist/vocalist Mark Roberts built with help from Simon Gemmill (drums), Evan Schaare (synths) and Thomas Labert (guitar). If Ayn Rand were to listen to this it’s easy to imagine her applauding the individuality of the four boys whose thoughts keep running away to the Fountainhead. There they frolic with Sigur Ros and take high tea with Philip Glass.

This is one of the first releases from the A Low Hum label, and it’s a lyrical labyrinth of weird computer bleeps, pretty pop, indie cool and industrial electronica. Highlights are Darkwave Equals MC Squared featuring Tristen Deschain of Fiveandahalfminutes, Solitaire featuring poetry by Mary Jones, the static electricity of Do Re Mi and the album’s highlights, We Might As Well Have Stayed Young, with Shocking Pink Nick Harte on drums. Come in, don’t bother to wipe your feet – it’s not that sort of house.

Reviewed by Vicki Anderson. Originally published in Christchurch’s The Press.