02|24|09   A Maze and Amazement / Under The Radar album review

click to purchase album via CD BabyThe Enright House – A Maze And Amazement (A Low Hum)

And the surge from Christchurch begins… This is a wonderful album from 4 piece Enright House who have been quietly making moves over the last year and a bit to be regarded as a “…hey , have you heard that new band from Christchurch…”.

Opener Scattering the Sun Like Gunshot reveals what this band are all about. Lush flowing arrangements scattered with intensity but also relaxed structure.

There are overtones of familiar influences here which groups the band loosely with other NZ legends Jakob, HDU, Bailterspace, Karetta. Even the hint of previous CHCH group Parsec.

It’s a mostly instrumental album but when the vocals do present themselves they do so like a layered instrument creating an even deeper sound.

It’s wonderful. Buy it now and see them live.

Out now though A Low Hum.

Out of ten: 8.3 /10

Originally published by undertheradar.co.nz on October the 27th, 2007.