02|12|08   Best of 2007… no… err… 2005-08

I had this intense desire to create a “favorite songs of 2008″ post, but I ran into an embarrassing obstacle: I haven’t really listened to any music during this past year. Undeniable proof of this lies in the fact that my most played songs in itunes for 2007 have no more than 7 plays. Ha. That’s pretty dire, by any standard.

My somewhat belated New Year’s resolution, as a consequence, is to listen to more music in 2008.

So, instead of a 2007 Top-10 itunes songs, here are my 20 all-time most played songs on itunes (roughly 2005-2008):

  1. Slowdive – Machine Gun
  2. Death Cab For Cutie – Stability
  3. Film School – Activated
  4. Arab Strap – Cherubs
  5. Aloha – Ferocious Love
  6. The Books – Take Time
  7. Sleater-Kinney – Start Together
  8. The Jim Yoshii Pile-Up – Reckless Driving
  9. Jakob – Nice Day For An Earthquake
  10. Four Tet – Spirit Fingers
  11. Shocking Pinks – This Aching Deal
  12. Blonde Redhead – Elephant Woman
  13. Pinback – Tripoli
  14. American Football – Never Meant
  15. Modest Mouse – Dramamine
  16. Engine Down – Songbird
  17. Sufjan Stevens – All the Trees of the Field Will Clap Their Hands
  18. Midwest Product – Duckpond
  19. Cranes – Paris And Rome
  20. M83 – Gone

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