04|17|09   Chartdisc Volume 1 Compilation!

chartdisc volume 1 2009chartdisc volume 1 2009 inside cover

Just wanted to help spread the word about this excellent compilation that CHART is about to release! It features various bands from my New Zealand hometown, Christchurch, such as Bang Bang Eche, Tiger Tones, The L.E.D.s, The Insurgents, Clap Clap Riot, Minisnap, Kimo, Jimmy Zoom & The Beytown Grifters, and – thank you so much Jeff! – The Enright House, as well.

Our song, Scattering The Sun Like Gunshot, actually closes out the album, and I couldn’t be happier about the fact that they chose this song, as I still think it’s one of our best to date and relates well to some of the newer songs that will be on the upcoming album.

Anyhow, this collection of songs is being sent out throughout New Zealand and around the world, with only a few limited edition copies being made available from the Dux de Lux, Real Groovy Christchurch, Galaxy Records and as MP3’s online at amplifier.co.nz from Friday 17 April 2009.

The full track-listing is as follows:

1. Bang Bang Eche Four to the Floor - www.bangbangeche.com

Four-to-floor, here to mess up your face at record speed. Bang Bang Eche are young, insane and completely infectious. From Tokyo to France, you KNOW you wanna dance!

2. Clap Clap Riot Don’t Want Your Babywww.myspace.com/clapclapriot

Propulsive guitar licks driving the catchiest of melodies. Clap Clap Riot are a driven band armed with hooks.

3. Tiger Tones Seventeenwww.myspace.com/thetigertones

The Tiger Tones at their sexiest. A slippery disco groove played out with the funkiest of beats – following a fine tradition of classic jail-bait pop singles from a band young enough to be genuine!

4. The L.E.D.s Still - www.myspace.com/theleds

Stuttering electro-pop filled with la-la-la moments, hand claps and wiggly keyboards.

5. The Insurgents Skip A Beatwww.myspace.com/insurgents4u

The Insurgents wanna be your boyfriend, but your mum would probably disapprove. Sly and ever so clever, delivering intelligent pop singles with huge sing-a-long choruses and deceptive lyrics.

6. Jimmy Zoom and the Beytown Grifters 5 Day Feverwww.myspace.com/jimmyzoomandthebeytowngrifters

The Beytown Grifters ARE New Zealand. A six-pack cooling in the stream, white-bait patties on the barbie, playing cricket on a sunny day till the sun goes down.

7. Minisnap Big Sky Bluewww.myspace.com/minisnap

The most bombastic of Minisnap songs – layers of guitar over a shuffling beat, reflecting the broad scenery of the Canterbury Plains. Sun-scorched and magnificent.

8. Kimo Keeperwww.myspace.com/kimonzch

Kimo write sophisticated and catchy guitar-driven pop with a pedigree that includes Dave Mulcahy (Superette, JPSE), Rob Mayes (Throw) & Michael Daly (YFC). Lush, shiney pop from three of Christchurch’s finest sons.

9. The Enright House Scattering the Sun like Gunshotwww.theenrighthouse.com

Mark Roberts is a perfectionist. His catchy, delicately balanced songs feature intricately woven synth lines; dynamic, flowing guitar and hushed plantitive vocals.

If you find yourself with some time on your hands, check out the myspace pages of the above artists! Many of them, such as Kimo, are criminally underrated and deserve a much wider audience. So come on and be part of the Christchurch revolution – it merits the effort!

Lastly, long time NZ music supporters the Dux de Lux are hosting the launch of CHARTDISC Volume 1 tonight. So if you find yourself in Christchurch, NZ, tonight, then be there from 8.30pm to get your very own copy and to see the latest videos from the nine featured bands along with special live guest performances from The Insurgents (acoustic 8.30pm), The L.E.D.s (9.15pm) and the Tiger Tones (10.15pm).

Yay! Check out the new Enright House Shop I just finished making! Even if you’re not the type of person who buys music anymore, do take a look at how pretty and shiny it is! :)

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