02|10|10   Darkwave Live In Auckland now on Mine, All Mine! Records

<a href="http://theenrighthouse.bandcamp.com/album/darkwave-live-single">Darkwave by The Enright House</a>

So, something really sweet just happened. My friend John, who runs a boutique DIY label called Mine, All Mine! Records just offered to add my latest live recording of Darkwave to his label’s catalog.

John and I actually collaborated earlier last year when we released a spilt EP called “Together”, and we also played a show together in his basement in Madison, Wisconsin during the US tour.

What’s really cool about John picking up Darkwave is not so much that more people will hear it – obviously that’s a totally rad bonus – but what excites me most about this is that it serves a wonderful reminder to me how fellow musicians and personal friends can do kind and darling things for each other.

It’s little gestures like these that mean everything to me, because that’s all my career in music has ever amounted to: a series of small gestures by people who believe that what I do holds value.

Whether it’s a guy in an office who listens to a song of mine and agrees to book me at his venue, a person who is passionate about music and decides that one of my songs is good enough to include in his or her podcast, a friend or family member who buys an album or a t-shirt from me, or a total stranger that falls in love with a song of mine and cares enough about it to sent out a tweet or facebook message to his or her friends.

It sounds so insignificant, perhaps, but you take all these things together, and that’s all there is.

And that’s why I am so infinitely grateful to friends like John: he’s always kind, always supportive, and it’s the little gestures and offers to help out where he can that just flat-out make my life a happier one.

So, here’s to Mine, All Mine! Records and my buddy John: thanks for being an awesome friend and finding value in my music.

Download “Darkwave (Live In Auckland)” from any of these places:

Feel free to spread the word by using the facebook or tweet buttons below. Hugs!

Yay! Check out the new Enright House Shop I just finished making! Even if you’re not the type of person who buys music anymore, do take a look at how pretty and shiny it is! :)

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  • http://www.fourteentwentysix.com Chris1426

    This is awesome! Totally digging it.



  • http://www.theenrighthouse.com Mark

    Thanks Chris! Really glad the song moves you.

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