09|10|08   Solo Electronic Tour: Day 4 – Palmerston North (Central Library)

I went to bed straight after the show the night before, but given we had to be in Palmerston North by around noon-time the next day, neither Thomas nor I got much sleep. In fact, Thomas got virtually none at all, as he and his flat mate went out on another poster run to advertise our Happy show. Thomas didn’t actually go to bed until 4AM. We needed to get up around 8AM. Ouch!

The two of us were like zombies when we woke up, blankly staring at all the tangled cables and gear, dreading having to carry it down, drive for a few hours, set it all up again, play a show, and then, take it all down again. The only thing that got us through those first 90 minutes of that day was the thought that after this afternoon we would be spending 4-5 days with Thomas’s parents in Palmy, enjoying comfortable beds, a heated house, good food, a snooker table, and cable TV. Sleep was at least in sight!

The drive up was peaceful and sunny. Thomas spent most of it nodding off in the passenger seat, and I was using the time at the wheel to go over lyrics in my head.

We arrived at the library a bit behind schedule, but Craig (who was our library contact) was just super friendly and helpful (as, really, everyone who worked there was). We set up on a spacious stage in the corner of the audio/media wing, and were just breathless due to the sheer inner space of the building. It is a massive and cavernous space, with stairwells, uninhibited by floors, reaching all the way from the ground floor to the library’s roof. It felt like playing in one gigantic futuristic cathedral.

Given it was mid-day, both Thomas and I chose to play a mellow and stripped-back set. There’s little doubt in my mind that the environment played more to Thomas’s strengths than mine. Whereas his drones and soaring melodies just came alive in this massive space, I felt very much out of place in this large room. As a result, I didn’t feel like I was connecting with the wider audience that afternoon. I was also having nothing but trouble with my loops, constantly starting loops by accident in all the wrong places, constantly breaking the natural flow from one song to another. All in all, it was still a reasonably decent performance, but I was no where near top-form that day, and so I finished my set feeling a bit down.

Sometimes the magic of live performance just doesn’t eventuate, I guess – every artist has these days – but I still feel terribly guilty whenever I only give a ho-hum performance. Life is “decent” enough as it is – at least most of the time. An artist’s job is to offer extraordinary experiences, to lift people’s souls into a heightened state of consciousness, to transcend the ordinary. Despite the fact that I am grateful to have played the show in such a wonderful space to a lovely audience, I most certainly failed to go far beyond the ordinary that afternoon. All apologies, my friends – I’ll try to make up for it next time I come through.

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  • http://citylibrary.pncc.govt.nz Sean Monaghan

    Thanks for the visit guys – it was magical to have you here. Let us know next time you’re coming through.

    Sean Monaghan
    Sound and Vision Librarian
    Palmerston North City Library

  • Mark

    Hey Sean,

    Thank you so much! Thomas and I were stoked to have had the privilege of playing such a mighty space.

    Just lovely! :)


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