02|14|10   Enright House remixes The Mint Chicks. Crazy? Yup.

<a href="http://theenrighthouse.bandcamp.com/album/enright-house-remixes-the-mint-chicks">Crazy? Yes! Dumb? No! (Enright House Remix) by The Enright House</a>

So yeah, musichype.com posted this remix competition for The Mint Chicks, who are a totally choice New Zealand band.

“Crazy? Yes! Dumb? No!”, in particular, is a really great song, so I was quite excited to have an opportunity to remix it.

Does it sound like an Enright House remix, though? Well… It’s a rad, trancy throwback to early 90’s euro-rave, mediated by piles of exuberance, some beautiful chord progressions, and a smitten of Enright House aesthetics.

Download your remix here: Crazy? Yes! Dumb? No! (Enright House Remix)

Yay! Check out the new Enright House Shop I just finished making! Even if you’re not the type of person who buys music anymore, do take a look at how pretty and shiny it is! :)

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  • luke

    sweet remix, I miss the power-pop guitar solo though!

  • http://www.myspace.com/pushmipullyumusic John Praw

    Ace, as usual.

  • Mark

    Thanks John :).

    And Luke, I’m saving all the power-pop guitar solos for the new album! :P

  • http://paulcapewell.com Paul

    This is cracking stuff Mark! You can hear the subtle influences, and I like that it contains very Enright-esque vibes! I am digging this a lot.

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