03|24|09   Impromptu show at the India House and random travel funnies

Tomorrow night, Tuesday 24th of March, we’re playing a short set at the India House in New Orleans. The show is free, and goes from 7.30-8.30PM. If you have friends who live in NOLA let them know to come down. Show is free, the India House is totally rad, and there’s going to be southern-style BBQ, as well! Fun! :)

Anyhow, New Orleans has been quite random, thus far. We got in late last night around 10.30PM and were meant to stay with this girl we had contacted via couchsurfing.com. She had called us earlier in the day to let us know we were sweet to stay, and that we should call when we get into NOLA later that night (New Orleans Luisiana, btw). She texted us her address a bit later, and everything seemed set for us to crash on her couch. But when we got there she didn’t pick up her phone (I called like 10 times or so), and there was no door bell, either. We lingered around, emailed, called, txted, YELLED, but no reply.

Around 11 we finally decided we had just about enough of hanging around in a sketch neighborhood of an unfamiliar city, and opted to drive down to one of the local hostels, called the India House. The hostel itself is totally rad (see photos), so we bit the bullet and decided to fork over $20 bucks per person for a bed.

But then things take a funny turn: right after we check in Evan and I get the following text from the girl, who shall remain nameless (*pst* Sonia):

“sorrz was high were are u?”

Ha. Man oh, man. I laughed so hard at that. After a bit of humming and hoing, I decide to give her a call to see what’s up, and feel out the situation. She picks up and is slurring and yelling to her friends in her thick Spanish accent, and wants us to meet at some bar in the city. It’s already past midnight (on a Sunday), and I am getting this really strong “AVOID” vibe. I’m sure staying with her would have ended up fine, but it seemed obvious that she was out partying pretty hard and wasn’t exactly the kind of person you would want to stay with if you were shattered from a long drive.

So, Evan and I spent the night here at the hostel, and this morning we walked around the famous French Quarters and Bourbon Street. New Orleans, in short, is absolutely stunning!!! I love this city, already. Backpackers offered us to play a show out back in exchange for a night of free lodging. Needless to say, we accepted.

Two more nights of Nola, and then Memphis on Wednesday. Choice! :)

Yay! Check out the new Enright House Shop I just finished making! Even if you’re not the type of person who buys music anymore, do take a look at how pretty and shiny it is! :)

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  • http://paulcapewell.com Paul Capewell

    What a beautiful building!

    And I am loving these stories, haha!

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