12|21|07   Lowell, Indiana: A note from home

A view from our veranda. There is snow everywhere, and the sun is refracting through the thin red petals of a flower. It is beautiful.

It’s true, I never thought the time would come, but I am now of an age where I belong to “those of a certain generation”. I guess I always thought that life would just make an exception for me, moving just a bit more slowly maybe, a bit more gently, protecting me, rather lovingly, a bit more kindly. Life, instead, has moved too quickly for my taste – and with more indifference, I might add. The many years have congealed into a single web, thin, and barely wide enough to cover my tracks.

I am so grateful to be home. I am so grateful to be home. So grateful…

MP3 Download: Theme and Variation 1 (192kb @ 2.5mb)
A tender interlude based on the song “We Might As Well Have Stayed Young”.

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  • Jo Buckingham

    Wow that’s a great photo! It was amazing when I got back into New Zealand, just as I saw the coastline and then Southern Alps, I just cried. :) I was home.

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