02|24|09   Lumiere Arts Reader feature and album review

A screen-shot of the Lumiere Reader article

The Lumiere Arts Reader has just published a massive review/feature on us and the new album, giving us 4 out of 5 stars! Here’s a short excerpt of what Brannavan Gnanalingam has to say:

A Maze and Amazement LP is a beautiful album, complex and dense, but highly accessible. It’s a languid dream, shifting between melancholy and uplift, heavy on mood and texture. In other words, it could probably be described under the term “post-rock”, but there is so much happening here, it’s a little too reductive to try and sum it up in a term or two.

All this has resulted in a rather shimmering piece of work. A Maze and Amazement LP could be accused of over-extending itself at times (and potentially use a little trimming at points), but it’s ambitious and gorgeous to listen to. While approaching his music from an intellectual angle, it’s also a stirring piece of work, that reveals more and more to you every listen. Unlike say, Godspeed! You Black Emperor which thunderously document an apocalypse, this is much more personal, much more insular. “I think music that has a lot of heart in it, a lot of thought in it, can be beautiful and simple and still leave enough complexity for people to discover. And discovery takes time.”

Read the whole feature online at the Lumiere Reader’s website.