03|23|09   Photolog: journey to and from SXSW

A “church” in a trailer park in Oklahoma.

Highway in Louisiana near the Texas/Louisiana border. A beautiful lake, with people fishing everywhere. Stopped here for a late lunch.

Some old derelict barns in Illinois, at the start of our journey.

Me playing a beautiful Rosewood/Cedar Taylor GS-series guitar. Very nice. Preferred the Mahagony/Cedar though! :)

View out of the car window in South/East Texas, nearing the Louisiana border.

The used (mostly vintage) guitar tradeshow at SXSW on Saturday and Sunday. Very, very cool show with plenty of classic guitars.

Yay! Check out the new Enright House Shop I just finished making! Even if you’re not the type of person who buys music anymore, do take a look at how pretty and shiny it is! :)

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