02|11|08   Post-camp communication meltdown

Hi. I’m sorry if you have written to me in the last week or two, sent me friend requests, left messages on my phone, et cetera. Almost certainly you will not have heard back from me. Truth be told, since arriving back in New Zealand and then heading off to camp a low hum, I have been absolutely drowning in responsibilities: getting university enrollment and tutoring jobs sorted, working on my mom’s website, playing at camp, rehearsing, getting my apartment tidied up, catching up with friends, working on integrating new equipment into future live sets, helping out a friend with his new album, doing promotion for the Scattering video, making more handmade CD copies of an acoustic EP we recorded recently, looking after my health, and more.

In addition to all of the practical things I have had to deal with in the past 14 days, I’ve also found it quite hard to deal with the emotional shock of being back in New Zealand, especially after five wonderful weeks at home in the States with my mother. In fear of coming off as a total loser, I have to admit that I absolutely detest being lonely, and, truth be told, I really am terribly lonely here in New Zealand. Human beings are not built for this fast-paced life of ceaseless mobility and superabundant acquaintances. Although we can make due with the world we have built ourselves, and, depending on our criteria for success, even flourish in it to some extent, the inescapable fact of the matter is that we are evolutionarily drawn to family and stable social circles in such powerful ways, that not having close family and long-term friends in one’s life on a regular basis is a sure recipe for emotional instability and general dissatisfaction. The contrast of being in the States with my college friends and mom, and now back in New Zealand, where virtually all of my close friends have joined the mass-exodus during the last six months, could hardly be more stark. It’s going to take some time to build up the necessary fragile indifference.

If you are one of many wonderful people who have written to me and the band over the last two weeks, and I have not gotten back to you, I assure you that I have received your message and just couldn’t find the strength to write you back yet. I’m just really tired. One of these days I’ll wake up and the sun will shine, and I will have energy, I will have a cold glass of fresh and pulpy orange juice, and, on that very day, I will carpe that old diem and write you back and tell you all the wonderful things you deserve to be told.

Good night. Rise and shine.

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