04|18|08   Pre-tour freak-out and exhaustion!

For the better part of 2 1/2 months now our upcoming tour has been filling my thoughts and waking hours with a mixture of excitement and stress. It’s the first tour I’ve booked on my own, and I have to say it’s been harder (and more expensive) than I thought it would be. At first I was a tad concerned about finding the right dates, and then securing the right venues to fit into a tidy schedule, but, it turns out, that was actually the easy part.

The harder part was to cope with an ever-expanding to-do list: organizing the necessary funds, finding a great support act, getting 7″ lathe cuts ready for sale (as well as a purpose made website with mp3 and wav file downloads ready), burning more acoustic CD’s and handmaking the packaging, having 2 1/4″ buttons made, printing t-shirts, doing all the design work for it all, as well as sorting out accommodation, promotion, interviews, printing and placement of fliers and posters, mail outs, rehearsals (!), new gear (for example, a new acoustic amp and guitar), forum posts, magazine and newspaper listings, a van, a luggage trailer, the trip to an from Stewart Island, video cameras, organizing multi-track recording of the last show of the tour, getting a video company on board to film the last show, getting the right lamps for decoration, coming up with a budget, staying on top of all the correspondence with venues, getting a nice outfit or two to wear on tour so I look a bit less shit, et cetera, et cetera.

In short, every time I sort one thing out I realize that the tour could be even better if only I got two other things done, as well. For me this is a problem, because my personality is kind of ill suited to be a massive organizer, for I am a) naturally lazy (meaning it takes an annoying amount mental stamina for me to get anything at all done) and b) I am borderline obsessive-compulsive (meaning when I start doing something I can’t stop until I am satisfied, which, really, is never).

Take the last 24 hours as an example. Yesterday I got up late around 11 and decided to meander into town for a coffee, as well as peddle a few badges to our local CD shops and hand out some fliers on the way. Very mellow. It sort of occurred to me after lunch that I have to start designing the sleeve artwork for a split 7″ lathe cut that I did with the late Break Mission Kills and have been meaning to make available for quite some time now.

All I wanted was a humble design which was cute and played on the song titles “Lovebirds of America” and “Every Kitten. In other words, my mission was to find a nice image of a bird and a nice image of a cat in an hour or two, cut the animals out and superimpose them on a fitting solid color background. A wee bit of writing and voila!

Well after starting out around 3 in the afternoon I finally decided to go to bed at 6.15 in the morning, after I had finally finished the artwork to my satisfaction, gotten it print ready, registered a new domain name for the release of the 7″, set up the domain name to point to my host, designed the website, wrote up the content, and organized some sweet photos and videos about how the lathes are made.

I finally collapsed but had to get up 4 hours later because I was meeting with Richard from Shuriken to discuss all kinds of cool ideas about the tour, merchandise, filming etc. Then I had a meeting with a friend over purchasing a PA and stage etc for an acquaintance who is setting up a new venue in town. After that I went to a pool bar, rented a table, spread out the balls, bent down to take my first shot, stood up, packed up my cue and gear, and left without taking a single shot.

I was just too tired. I went home, took a 2 hour nap, had dinner (cold left-over pizza) and finally drove over to Evan and Simon’s house, where we just finished a 4-hour rehearsal.

This blog post took about 30 minutes. I am going to bed now – have to get up early tomorrow. Need to get my guitar set up for the tour, sign off on printing proofs, burn about 30 CDs, master a song for the 7″ download, finish the site coding, and have another 4-hour rehearsal.

Organizing a tour is a bit like convincing the whole world that the emperor is indeed wearing clothes, and then scrambling to stitch together an impeccable suit with everyone watching you, but before anyone actually notices your privates are, in fact, dangling in the wind.

The cruel part?

You have no idea if anybody is even going to show up.

Yay! Check out the new Enright House Shop I just finished making! Even if you’re not the type of person who buys music anymore, do take a look at how pretty and shiny it is! :)

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  • http://www.failsaferecords.com robbery

    Hahaha, its not funny, but its so familiar. independence is great for your feeling of control but record labels probably weren’t quite the money hungry soul suxing evils we used to believe they were. oh for a time and a place where artists could just concentrate on their are, but that time is long gone, that building demolished, that infra structure dismantled. Still there is pleasure to be had in being so directly connected with all aspects of your art.
    hope the tour is going well mate and everyone is having fun.

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