02|18|08   Remember the Stillness poem


Remember the rock of the car: the lulling sway of steel frame throttling over veined asphalt towards the hazy blue horizon still suspended in space.

Whir of the wheels, the clickity clackity cassette tapes clattering underfoot – the laconic drawl of Neil Young’s “Harvest Moon” crackles lazy from cheap speakers.

The backseat – my head pressed against vibrating glass – sky stretched to infinity. A glowing burnt gold of a late, invisible summer sun.

Driving through anywhere nowhere, it never really matters; the gold and the heat and the drone and the millions of miles of waxy green cornfield stalks whipping past lines of Venetian blind crop formations with thick paper leaves that shimmer shake with the passing car.

Window and windshield cracked, wind snaking around and sifting through my hair. 11-years-old with nothing more in sight and in mind then the timeless tranquil crawl between earth and road and sky. Remember the stillness.

-Mary Jones

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