02|14|08   Silent Ballet review

I’m a big fan of the following review, written for the silent ballet by Zach Mills. More important to me than his praise is the way in which he discusses A Maze and Amazement’s shortcomings.

As a musician – as a human being, really – I have to be able to accept responsibility for my failures as willingly as I accept responsibility for that which I might succeed in. Ruthless critical self-examination, after all, is nothing short of a necessity for personal and artistic growth. Zach’s review helped me pinpoint a few things I will have to improve upon in the future – and you know what’s great? I’m really looking forward to it.

When did nostalgia become so damn beautiful? I’ve never really had patience with the emotion, myself – spending too much time thinking about illusory, idyllic visions of the past (that was never really better than the present, anyway) has always seemed like a waste of precious time. But after spending some precious time with the first full-length from New Zealand’s The Enright House, A Maze and Amazement, I can’t be so sure. All I know is that once you step into the hazy world of past and present, fact and fiction conjured by the quartet, it’s difficult to differentiate between reality and illusion, and that’s just the way it should be. Read the full review

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