09|22|08   Solo Electronic Set live-to-air on Radio New Zealand National!

Yay! I’m so thrilled that my National Radio recording session is now online! If you missed out on my recent Solo Electronic Tour, this session will give you a pretty fair idea of the kind of material I was playing.

I’m not really satisfied with how I ended up playing Darkwave = MC Squared, but it’s not a total write-off either.

Track-order is:

[01] Riding On A Bull Through A Marsh Filled With Tears
[02] A Heart Made Of Cotton
[03] Darkwave = MC Squared
[04] Kiss Kiss Bang Bang

Thanks to Kirsten and Matt for doing the interview with me and recording the session – it was a blast! :)

Stream the entire session (43′50″) here.

Yay! Check out the new Enright House Shop I just finished making! Even if you’re not the type of person who buys music anymore, do take a look at how pretty and shiny it is! :)

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  • http://www.paulcapewell.com Paul Capewell

    Mark, this first track is absolute stunning. I love the repeated/sliding riff.

    I only wish the bitrate of RNZ’s podcasts were higher, but I’m so glad to be able to even hear this. Wonderful.

  • Jenny

    I can’t open the file here on my Mac in Chicago…it says it’s an “Asx” file, and when I click on it, it appears as text. Help! :)

  • pillowhead

    Jenny, it’s my understanding that you must be *outside* Chicago to open this file…

    Yes, very funny, Simon. Seriously now, .ASX is a Windows Media proprietary format. I would have thought by now there would be a work around for Macs, or RNZ would have released it in a slightly more open format.

    If I have time tonight after work, I’ll rip the audio into mp3 or similar and figure out a way to post it, I’m assuming Mark’s okay with that…

  • http://www.theenrighthouse.com Mark

    Open Quicktime player. Go to File > Open URl. Paste the following URL into it (minus the line breaks / spaces, of course):


    Hit play! :)

    BTW, mp3 would be ace. Wanted to do that myself, but it’s hard for me to get done as I have no internet at home right now.


  • http://www.paulcapewell.com Paul Capewell
  • pillowhead

    Oh well, fine then, mister 1337 h4×0r… I’ll go play with my football outside…

    Was that HTML poking, or was it obviously posted, and I’m blind?

  • adele

    Mark, I listened to this on Monday, and I am still thinking about that first song today. It’s beautiful and has such an intense emotional resonance. Wow.
    Best of luck on the rest of your tour. I’ve enjoyed reading about your adventures.


  • Mark


  • http://www.paulcapewell.com Paul Capewell

    @pillowhead it’s a bit of a poke. If you change the preferences to use MP3 not Windows Media and then load the sessions .PLS file into iTunes, THEN Get Info on the track and you have a stream URL in the info, that URL is the MP3 I posted above.

    Worth remembering. Bit of a hassle but easier than ripping.

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