08|25|08   Solo Electronic Tour: Day 1 – The Drive Up

I was hardly well prepared to start my journey when I woke up on Wednesday morning. I was to perform the very next day and had not even yet gotten around to practicing all songs, let alone pack. The ferry crossing from the South to North island would leave Picton around 6 PM, and I had roughly a 6 hour drive ahead of me, so I decided to get up as early as possible. That way, I would be able to pack up my gear and load up the car in time to depart around 10 AM.

Although I managed to get away on time without forgetting anything essential, I learned one very sobering lesson…

Being a one-man band has one serious downside: you’ve got to carry all the gear by yourself! Not a problem if you’re a singer songwriter with one guitar, but when you’re hauling your own PA, crates worth of cables, bags of pedals, guitars, mic stands, a synth, an mpc, a woodern board, duffel bags with clothes and blankets, and a tube amp made of lead, well… suffice it to say I was ready to take a holiday before I even turned the ignition.

The drive itself was actually rather uneventful and fun, with one notable exception: I got a $150 ticket by the police for cutting one of the many gratuitous corners in the Kaikoura mountains – apparently I took the liberty of moving 2/3rds of my Subaru over the center line.

$150 dollars down (pretty much 15% of my budget) and two hours ahead of schedule, I rolled into Picton and took the opportunity to work on some song lyrics for my live set. Once on the ferry, I continued to spend three hours vacillating between sleeping and rolling my neck in agony after sleeping in non-sleep-appropriate chairs.

Anyhow, Thomas gave me some good instructions, so, once the ferry docked in Wellignton, it was easy enough to find his flat, which, it turns out, is this massive, derelict apartment right in the middle of Wellington’s red-light district. After meeting Thomas’s roommates and sharing a friendly cup of tea, I crashed hard on a mattress that was tucked away in a corner behind piles of junk (very 1980’s Berlin squatting-style), and fell asleep to the street sounds of giggling whores and chanting Mongrel Mob members.

Yay! Check out the new Enright House Shop I just finished making! Even if you’re not the type of person who buys music anymore, do take a look at how pretty and shiny it is! :)

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