09|07|08   Solo Electronic Tour: Day 2 – Wanganui (Eye of Night)

Despite the nagging street noise of nearby clubs and the overall cold nighttime temperatures, I actually slept rather well. Thomas and I didn’t have all that far to drive to our first show in Wanganui, so we took our time with breakfast and Thomas even got a bit of practice in. After hauling Thomas’s gear downstairs, we played a bit of real life 3D Tetris in trying to fit it all into the car, and then made our way up north along the coastal road.

Now, Wanganui, as is the case with many a North Island town, has a bit of a bad reputation due to gangs and a fair bit of street-violence. Much to our surprise, however, Wanganui is actually a rather tidy and attractive town by day, and so, with an hour to burn between our arrival and our scheduled load-in time, Thomas and I sat down at a cafe, and I continued to work on some more of my lyrics.

After driving around town for a bit, we finally made our way to the Eye of Night around 5 PM and started to load out our gear. We were greeted by Al, a delightful guy, who’s living room doubles as a venue. Essentially, the Eye of Night is just Al’s apartment, who keeps one spare room in his house clutter-free and loaded up with a sweet vintage PA. The flat is really charming, and Al’s walls are decorated by countless gig posters, documenting the still recent, but already rich history of this local gem.

The people who came to the show made for an interesting gathering of smart young people, most of which lived in Wanganui to study at the local arts and design colleges. Two kids, for example, were discussing Xenakis vs. Stockhausen, and the general merits and demerits of stochastic music: I was grinning side to side and was, truth be told, somewhat proud that such a high-quality audience turned up to hear Thomas and myself perform our solo sets.

Our sets, though still audibly lacking a certain kind of confidence and refinement, went off without a hitch and I’m pretty sure most of those in attendance, ourselves included, left having had a positive experience.

If I remember correctly, my set went something like this:

1) Riding On A Bull Through A Marsh Filled With Tears
2) Afterthoughts
3) A Heart Made Of Cotton
4) Scattering The Sun Like Gunshot (Interlude Version)
5) Untitled 1
6) Darkwave = MC Squared (Slow Version)
7) Kiss Kiss, Bang Bang

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  • http://www.myspace.com/capsulnz james

    hey. wish i had come to this show. i didnt really know your music and i had to travel at 5am the next morning. but now ive listened to your tracks heaps and im kicking myself for not coming. come play in wanganui again sometime.

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