09|10|08   Solo Electronic Tour: Day 3 – Wellington (Brownnote)

One of the real perks of this tour/holiday was that Thomas and I frequently got to crash at Thomas’s family home in Palmerston North. We had virtually no money to spend, as we knew we were going to loose hundreds of dollars on this tour – a prediction which turned out to be spot on, unfortunately. So, after the Wanganui show, we packed up and decided to drive down to Palmy to spend the night and, given that it was closer to Wellington, sleep in a little longer the next day.

After eating some yummy cereal and home-baked bread for breakfast, we headed off back to Wellington to set up for the show at Thomas’s apartment, also known (or not) as the Brownnote. Now neither Thomas, nor I, were expecting anyone to show up to this show at all. Virtually everyone we knew had already politely excused themselves, promising, instead, to come our second Wellington show at Happy later that week.

After carrying Thomas’s gear up to his bedroom (a mid sized room underneath the roof and a million stairs above street-level), I had to scramble down to National Radio’s Wellington studios to record a few tracks from my live set and chat to Kirsten Johnstone. This was something I was really looking forward to! I had already done three interviews with her and enjoyed all of them a great deal. I just complete adore Kirsten and her habit of asking the kind of questions that go well beyond the usual banal dribble one tends to get from other journalists. As a result, having the opportunity to visit her in her Wellington studios proved a real highlight of the tour.

Once set up, I recorded “Riding On A Bull Through A Marsh Filled With Tears”, “A Heart Made Of Cotton”, “Darkwave = MC Squared” and “Kiss Kiss Bang Bang”. All in all, the takes were solid, and after a somewhat hurried goodbye (everyone seemed really ferociously busy that day), I carried my gear back down to the car and proceeded to Thomas’s flat.

After silently cursing at every single bloody stair on my way up, Thomas and I were finally ready to set up. Whilst I was recording at National Radio, Thomas had moved his bed and chairs out and rearranged his bedroom in a way that, for the first time, made me think that this show might actually work out! And so, once we had our fluoro lights up and running in the room and stairwell, we actually started to feel pretty good about it all! :)

Then, starting around 9 – one by one – actual human beings started showing up and, to our complete and utter surprise, packed out our small bedroom venue to the point that people had to make themselves comfortable in the hallway/stairwell outside.

In hindsight, the Brownnote show was definitely my favorite show of the tour, with the Eye of Night show coming in at a close second. Thomas played what, in my opinion, was his strongest of his six performances. It was so good that I could almost not comprehend what was happening to me emotionally. I was sitting right outside the bedroom on door-duty, and was just totally consumed by the sounds emanating from the bedroom, repeatedly muttering out aloud such things as “I just can’t believe it… I just can’t believe how good this is.”

By the time my turn came around to perform, I was already feeling completely at ease with myself and everyone around me. I had met most of everyone who was there, and just felt like everyone present was giving off this benevolent aura. The whole room and hallway just had this really calm and heartwarming vibe.

My performance was still working itself out during the first week of the tour, so there’s no doubt that in purely musical terms my set wasn’t yet as fully developed as it would come to be, but I tried to put my whole heart and mind into my songs that night, so I really hope people came away with a positive and memorable experience. I most certainly did, and for that I will always be extremely grateful to everyone who came to hear Thomas and me play that night.

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  • Matt Reid

    Brownote was wicked mean!! I was so glad I went!!

  • Mark

    Hey Matt, I’m just stoked you enjoyed it man. Thank you so much for coming out that night!

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