09|25|08   Solo Electronic Tour: Day 9 – Wellington (Happy)

I think both Thomas and I had high expectations for this show. When we started out on our tour, we were constantly joking about how the turn-outs for the first three dates weren’t of dramatic importance, as the “big” shows (this and the Auckland show) were yet to come. Even if no one showed up for that first weekend, we told ourselves, that, too, would be OK, as we could just treat those dates as a kind of wider dress rehearsal.

Much to our delight, it never came to that. The cosmos spared us the experience of playing to empty rooms, and, contrary to all my cynical expectations, the first two shows probably turned out to be two of the most memorable shows I’ve ever played.

Tonight’s venue, Happy, was actually quite a nice performance space. It had a good vibe about it, and the girl who opened up the place for us was really friendly, as well, so all around it was looking like it had the potential to be a good night.

Now, in case you were not present that night, and think you know where this post is heading, let me sabotage any story arch I had going by saying: it was not a terrible show.

It was, by normal standards, I suppose, a normal show. The turn-out was humble, but not so much so that there would be reason to feel embarrassed about it. Some dear friends of mine came, quite a few didn’t make it. Certain songs turned out really nicely, others were just OK. We set up the lighting the way we wanted, but our cold fluorescent lights were completely at odds with the natural feel of the venue. The sound was decent, but not great. The stage, although spacious, stood in the middle of the room, and I felt a bit exposed and uncomfortable on it.

All in all, it was a pretty decent evening I think, but the show is already starting to fade into the recesses of lukewarm and indistinct memories.

I appreciated everyone coming out and was stoked to hang out with all of you, but next time, if we play two shows in Welly again, I think we’ll have both shows in Thomas’s cozy bedroom. Had that first Wellington show not been so cool, maybe I wouldn’t have had been so down about the Happy show. But so it goes… live and learn (unlearn), and onwards.

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