09|05|08   The futility of flogging music

Ha. Oh my gosh. This article on Music Think Tank is so spot on it makes me want to cry, laugh hysterically, and jump out the window face first.

This part, especially, evoked nothing but sighs and nods from me:

People can download virtually any music for free these days, arguing that it’s OK, bands can make money by touring, instead. Which is like casually suggesting to the owner of an off license, after he’s spotted you nicking a bottle of wine, that he can sell a few crisps to make up for it. And anyway, The Rolling Stones might well gross millions on a world tour, but nearly all bands lose money hand over fist while on the road.

(I just lost well over 600 NZD touring the North Island!)

People might come out with stats about live music revenues being on a gradual incline, but believe me – having been in bands known and unknown, and done tour budgets for countless others – touring represents a black hole of disappearing cash for musicians. Sound engineers might get paid, promoters ensure that they get their cut, but precious little filters down to the musicians, unless they’re lucky enough to get tour support from the record company. Which is actually an advance. Which means that, er, it’s their money in the first place.

Read the full article here.

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  • Teresa Stevenson


    just heard you on national radio the music mix, excellent.

    I live in dunedin, can you email me if you are touring down here at any time so I can enjoy?

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