10|19|08   Two Sweet Podcasts

I was pretty excited this week to stumble over two really sweet podcasts, featuring my music.

The first of the two podcasts was created by a blog called My Pleasure, Miss!. The concept of the podcast is so bloody creative and bizarre, I’ll just quote their own description:

This week’s mixtape is an adaptation of Teenage Diary, a gripping audio drama about an ordinary teenage girl, played by Vonda Van Dyke, Miss America 1965, searching for love and happiness. The plot blends romance, violence, sex and substance abuse wonderfully, and manages to thrown in a few moral teachings for wayward 1960s youths.

Teenage Diary is a wonderful story, with a great cast, and using the magic of audio editing software, I abridged the narrative to a succinct 20 minutes and updated the music to include Adem, Cody Chesnutt, Bird and the Bee and other hot kids.

Seriously, when I heard my song “Darkwave = MC Squared” combined with the audio drama, I was just grinning from side to side. I’ve listened and played Darkwave so many times, I would be lying if I didn’t admit growing a bit tired of it due to over-familiarity, so to be able to hear the song in this unusual context and, hence, hear it with fresh ears, was a real treat for me.

Lastly, and most significantly, you should really just check out the podcast for all the other amazing music on it. I discovered some wonderful new bands listening to that episode. My favorite find by far is a track called “The Races” by a band called The Bird And The Bee (apparently, they are quite famous?). The track is just pure and lovably charming, with a healthy dose of casual chromaticism. Very, very cool!

The second podcast I came across is the NZ-based Counting The Beat podcast. In the most recent episode, Chris introduces some of New Zealand’s recent releases, including our Cat and Bird Split 7″.

Now, I hadn’t heard of the podcast before (my internet connection was until recently too slow to get very deep into podcasting!), but, boy, has Chris ever put together a great series! I was listening into some of his other podcasts, and they are all lovingly compiled and carefully researched – a wonderful gift to New Zealand’s budding online music culture!

So, before I sign off… now that my connection speed has improved, I would totally love to find some good podcasts to listen to. So come on!… educate a lost soul: what podcasts have you been listening/subscribing to? Anything worth sharing?

Yay! Check out the new Enright House Shop I just finished making! Even if you’re not the type of person who buys music anymore, do take a look at how pretty and shiny it is! :)

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  • pillowhead

    I don’t really listen to music podcasts in any major way…well, you’ll pick up where my bias is at…

    Your escape to reality, or propaganda mouthpiece of Satan? You decide.

    Podcast by George Hrab, I showed you a video of this guy. His podcast is really personal, basically a blog, interesting guy.

    As the name implies. Done interveiws with Dawkins, Harris, Neil Tyson.



    Both really easy to listen to, keep in mind that you listen to enough shit about astronomy, and your brain will break. Srsly.

  • http://www.venusvulture.com Sean Monaghan

    Hey – I love Still Audio http://www.stillaudio.com – Steven creates a great variety of low key tracks, themed well and well-mixed (full disclosure – he featured a track of mine on #7).

  • http://www.venusvulture.com Sean Monaghan

    Whoops – that’s Simon at Still Audio :-)

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