04|16|09   US Tour: Ames Progressive – Ames, IA (April 9th, Day 7)

Actors&Actresses (photo by Eric Laurence).

I’ll be keeping the Ames entry rather short, as there wasn’t too much to report really. The show was sweet, but very poorly attended, unfortunately. Everyone there, however, was super sweet, expecially Nate, who pretty much runs the Ames Progressive, is working really hard to build up a scene in Ames, and who’s house we later crashed at. Thanks Nate, you’re a real gem!

The one thing about that night that will remain in my memory more than any other aspect was meeting the three boys from Actors&Actresses and having the opportunity to hear them play live that night. I can’t describe to you, how much potential this band has. Their sound is so uniquely their own, their song writing is powerful, and their instrumental competence is superb. So yeah, please do yourself a favor and listen to them. My personal favorite (although that changes every time I revisit their music) is a song called “I’ll Turn You Blue”, which you can listen to on their myspace page.

Actors&Actresses (photo by Eric Laurence).

Anyhow, I stumbled upon Actors&Actresses a few years back, when I heard one of their EPs, and immediately fell in love with their music. Somewhere in November of last year, when I was booking the US tour, I wrote to them about playing a few shows together, and Andy and I (Andy is their guitarist) struck up kind of online friendship, and he’s continually offered his help with booking whenever he could. Not all shows came through in the end, but his tireless efforts were one of the most encouraging and generous relationships with another band I’ve come across in years. Andy and I eventually met up at SXSW really briefly, but given the chaos of it all, we didn’t really have much time to hang out.

Andy (photo by Eric Laurence).

Actors&Actresses drove up with two cars to play with us in Ames (roughly a 3 1/2 hour journey for them), so when I realized this show wasn’t drawing as many people as I had hoped it would, I started feeling really, really bad about it!

In the end, I let them have all the proceeds from the gig (only $50 dollars) and so invited them all out for a Burrito after the show, where all of us ended up having a really good time talking about music, making records, and all sorts of other things. Scott and Dave eventually drove home (I think Dave had work the next day), and Andy ended up spending the night at Nate’s with Evan and myself. We had a few beers together, and after crashing relatively early, Andy headed off in the morning before Evan and I woke up.

Scott (photo by Eric Laurence).

So yeah, Actors&Actresses have a new record coming out soon, which is stunning (Andy sent me an advance a while back), so make sure you check out their myspace right away and keep an eye out for their next album, called “Arrows“, which will be released in due course on the Mylene Sheath label.

Thanks boys. Can’t wait to play together again!

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