05|16|09   US Tour: Olympia, WA (April 15th-18th, Day 14-18)

We arrived in Olympia on Wednesday evening, just in time to play a house show at the Finger Complex. Our host, Colleen, from Polka Dot Dot Dot, had added us very last-minute to the bill, and so Evan and I had no idea what to expect.

The house itself was really nice and, upon our arrival, we were greeted by Colleen and a tasty vegetable soup that she had prepared for us. We set up without much ado, and, to our surprise, the house filled up pretty quickly. Now, most of the bands playing that night we’re pretty laid-back acoustic indie-folk kind of stuff, armed to the teeth with ukuleles, violins, and adorable girls in flower dresses, so I’m not so sure that our moody electronic set was an ideal fit with the audience, but people were definitely courteous towards us, and after the show a good hand-full of people came up to congratulate us and thank us for having played.

Next up was Colleen’s new project, which sounded really good. It was a bit more edgy and energetic than I had anticipated, which was nice! After they finished another band went on, but their set was then broken up by the police, who had apparently received an angry call by one of the Finger Complex’s neighbors – not surprising, perhaps, given the house was smack in the middle of a nice residential area, and it was, after all, a Wednesday evening.

There were two other bands which were scheduled to play, but given that no one wanted to risk being fined, they were forced to pack up, and so everyone proceeded to scatter on off into the night. When we got home to Colleen’s place we found that she had prepared her basement for Evan and I, with pillows, blankets, and mattresses. We would be staying here for five days, and recoup our energies. We had been on the road for a while now, and had driven far too many hours on far too little sleep – in short, we desperately needed a few days off, and, it turned out, there was no better place to spend them in.

Over the next few days we played a second show in Olympia, went hiking in the woods nearby, drove down to Seattle and visited Kurt’s memorial park benches and the awesome Gasworks park, took a day trip to the Olympic National park and hung out on various beaches and rain forests, and even managed to catch a few shows by local musicians in Olympia.

After a long weekend, we were both a bit sad to leave, really, but we were also very much looking forward our shows in Portland, Santa Barbara, San Francisco and Los Angeles – all of which we would be playing in due course.

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