04|11|09   US Tour: Reggies Music Joint – Chicago, IL (April 5th, Day 3)

Reggies Music Joint advertisement in the Chicago Reader for our show
Reggies Music Joint advertisement in the Chicago Reader for our show.

A shot of an alley lodged in between two skyscrapers
A shot of an alley lodged in between two skyscrapers.

Chicago is a beautiful city. I used to live there for about 5 1/2 years, whilst studying music composition and philosophy at Northwestern University. I wasn’t always happy in Chicago, but I have a huge amount of nostalgic love for the town and the life I lead there. Perhaps, then, it shouldn’t have come as a surprise to me that I was ever-so-slightly starting to tear up as we slowly weaved our way through the breathtaking skyscrapers to the sound of Eluvium’s Copia.

Parked on State St. right outside of Reggies
Parked on State St. right outside of Reggies.

When we arrived at Reggies Music Joint it was just starting to snow and the wind was, as is typical for Chicago, bitter cold. The venue itself was quite nice. A bar, yes, but a very nice one with really friendly staff working there.

Jenny Gillespie, the girlfriend of one of my very dearest college friends, Andrew, set the show up for us and opened the evening with a beautiful acoustic guitar and piano set. Unfortunately, Reggies has two clubs: the music joint and the much larger rock club, the latter of which happened to be hosting a full-on rock show one tiny thin wall away from the stage that Jenny was on. Needless to say, it made for a bit of an awkward performance, as both Jenny and the audience seemed constantly to be on the cusp of cringing at the distracting tom fills and guitar solos that ungracefully filtered through the walls. Despite all that, though, Jenny’s voice carried beautifully through the room, and I was left in doubt about how amazing it would be to hear her music in an appropriate setting.

The bar. Bless it.
The bar. Bless it.

We were up next. Truth be told, it might have been the single most awkward show I have ever had to play. My mom and her partner were there that night, some of my dear college friends who still lived in the area came out, too, and a few other vacant seats were filled by the remaining musicians who were performing that night, the staff, and a few heavily tattooed locals in leather jackets.

Yours, truly.
Yours, truly.

I couldn’t get in the mood at all, the sound was absolutely terrible on stage, the audience sitting in the corners of this rather large bar, and much of our material probably made my mom uncomfortable (or at least I assumed as much whilst on stage). For one, Evan and I performed “Elektra”, which is actually about my mom. It’s generally about my unconditional love and admiration for her and her voice, but the song definitely touches on a lot of the hard times mom had to go through in life, and it probably felt odd for her to see her son screaming at the top of his voice, contorting his body when singing lines such as “How can I be free, if you’re this fragile?”

It probably also didn’t help matters by introducing a new song called “In Perfect Blooms Of Color” as being about premature ejaculation and the wasteful naivety and innocence of our youth. I was told she was visible uncomfortable during the whole song. Can’t even imagine what her partner thought of it all.

Oh well… art, right? *Sigh*

And again.
And again.

There were many other awkward moments as well. A lot of my friends there that night were there because I had asked them to come, and, of course, we wanted to catch up on old times and so on… but, truth be told, I don’t think most of them were really into the kind of music we played at all, so that resulted in a few polite “ermmm, so yeah…” moments.

The highlight for me, aside from being able to hug my old friends and catch up on their lives, was the food at Reggies. They made some of nicest burgers I’ve ever had, and both Evan and I were starving by the time our orders arrived. Super delicious.

After the whole gig was over, we packed up our gear and carried it to our car through the snow-turned-slush mess that had, by now, taken over every inch of the sidewalk, thanks to the overzealous snow plows that the city deploys whenever it snows. After a long night Evan and I drove back to Andrew’s house and crashed there for the night… but not before playing Xbox live until the wee hours of the morning.

Evan playing Xbox live after the show.
Evan playing Xbox live after the show.

In the end, the night wasn’t all bad, but I do rather wish it wouldn’t have been the semi-scarring experience it ended up being.

Hugs, anyways.

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  • http://brendaroberts.net Brenda Roberts

    I WAS NOT embarassed! I love your music and dedication. Thank you for including me in your artistic life!

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