04|14|09   US Tour: WNUR 89.3FM – Evanston, Chicago, IL (April 8th, Day 6)

Playing live-to-air on WNUR’s airplay show was such a privilege for me, as it’s my alma mater’s own college radio station. During my years at WNUR I was always a tad mad at myself for not getting more involved with the station, but it seemed like a very elitist and mysterious club to me, and, at the time, and I might have just lacked the confidence to approach the people there. Odd really, since I knew numerous people who DJ’d there, such as my friend Nick, and one of my favorite room mates ever, Matthew Teti (what ever happened to you man!?).

Anyhow, WNUR was always great to listen to. It’s the only station I knew that could play an old Fugazi track, followed by Karlheinz Stockhausen, followed by a live bootleg of GYBE!, followed by the chants of some obscure Mongolian tribe. In short, the programming was spectacularly adventurous and every DJ there seemed to take great pride in avoiding absolutely anything at all that was even in the slightest bit commercial.

When I heard back from Airplay’s programming director that they would like us to come in for a live-to-air I was seriously overjoyed, but also a tad nervous about messing it up, as the station can reach over 3 million people in and around Chicago, was named the best college radio station in the country by Spin Magazine, and has hosted live-to-air performances by bands, such as the Smashing Pumpkins, Low, Cat Power, our very own HDU, and a whole heap of other well-known bands.

Furthermore, you can’t come back to your old university and suck! I still really love NU and coming back to perform my own music seemed like a rite of passage into adulthood. NU helped me become a better person, and now I wanted to return and do my university proud. Sounds ridiculous, probably, but such is the nature of our fickle and often unpredictable psychology.

When Evan and I arrived at WNUR, we thought we were pre-recording the set, which would then be aired at a later time. Turns out we were right, but only in part. It would air at a later time, yes, but we were also going to be aired live straight away. As if I wasn’t already nervous enough! :)

Anyhow, musically speaking, the performance went super, I thought. After listing to the session in the evening (Trevor, our wonderful engineer, gave us a CD of it after our set), I wasn’t too excited about the mix of some of the songs. This was totally my fault, however, not Trevor’s. I had the vocals and guitars up a bit too loud, with the drums sounding a bit too soft at times, as our setup was really optimised for a live environment, not a recording. Still though, all up, it sounded pretty good, and I definitely think the energy of a real live performance translated well to the recording.

Now, I spent a long time wavering on the issue of whether or not I would share the following song with you, but then decided to just go ahead and post it. It’s rough, it’s live, it’s rough, it’s a brand new song. Did I mention it’s rough? It also doesn’t have a title yet. In the end, though, I hope you’ll enjoy the recording – both Evan and I are really quite happy with it:

Audio clip: Adobe Flash Player (version 9 or above) is required to play this audio clip. Download the latest version here. You also need to have JavaScript enabled in your browser.

So yeah, recording at WNUR was lovely experience. Thanks Trevor, Michael and Theron for having a part in making it all happen. Big hugs to the three of you and everyone who tuned in that night.

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  • http://capitalistmafia.blogspot.com AlexiaIscariot

    My feelings about WNUR are also ambivalent, but this stroke of goodwill may persuade me to be more favorable

  • http://mamrecords.com Pushmi-Pullyu

    That new track was one of my favorites when you played it at the show in my basement.

    And the pictures from the recording session look really cool. Makes me wish our college had that kind of dough. :)

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